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Carpet Bowls

Carpet Bowls

The indoor game played on a carpet....

Whilst it is possible for just two players of any age or ability to have a game, it is normally a game where two teams of up to 12 players compete against one another.

The Club has a very active Carpet Bowls section which is as much about the social benefits associated with a common interest and objectives as it is with the game itself. So come along as new friends are always welcome. Club days are Wednesday 2-4pm and Thurs 7-9pm. Matches are generally played Sunday afternoons.

The Carpet Bowls Club organises matches amongst themselves and tournaments with other Clubs. They meet each Wednesday afternoon and Thursday evening in the sports hall.

The club has a number of carpets which are laid in the sports hall to accommodate several games at one time. The carpet Bowls Club will make you very welcome if you wish to come along to join them. But if you prefer to organise your own match with friends please contact our staff on reception on 01787 223584. Courts are £7.40 per hour before 5pm and £9.00 per hour after 5pm (weekdays). At weekends £9.00 per hour all day, plus £3.70 for the use of a carpet.

Contact: Les Cooper01787 222040
              Chris Joslin: 01787 223170

Email: Chris Joslin at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Social Events

The club is striving towards holding more social events, including beer festivals, comedy nights, music 80s nights, quiz nights, fund raising events and lots more...

Have fun keep fit...

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